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My Name is Nils Röhrig and I'm a 27-years old Front End Developer based in Cologne, Germany. Currently I'm working for QuestBack GmbH (formerly Globalpark AG), the german subsidiary of norwegian software company QuestBack, europeans market leader in EFM.

The most important activities in addition to my work are my studies of Computer Science in Media at the Department of Media, UAS Düsseldorf. As part of this, in 2010 I planned and in 2011 I co-developed the first version of a Sencha Touch-based web application that aggregates a lot of information from the Department of Media and some general information from the university as a whole. Unfortunately as of February 2014 the application seems to be offline at the moment but I'll keep the link online for some time.

In 2012 I worked on a project for a new, mobile ready version of an existing web app where students can manage their courses and timetables. Unfortunately this new version hasn't made it into production yet.

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IT Skills

I can author both HTML(5) and XHTML on a high level.
Same applies to CSS including state-of-the-art CSS3 techniques.
In JavaScript I'm not very experienced yet, but my skills constantly evolve.
I can utilize jQuery to meet most requirements.
Several years of Smarty experience let me get things done with it.
I can read, understand and eventually write PHP source code.

In Addition to all the mentioned skills, I've already built accessible web interfaces conforming to WCAG 1.0, know how to use Java and C#, got a strong understanding of OOP concepts and can work with relational SQL-based databases like MySQL and Oracle.

For completness sake my continuative abilities include networks and server stuff, but I'm neither very interested nor very good at it.

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Period of Time Occupation
07/2008 – Present Product Customizing Engineer at QuestBack GmbH
09/2008 – Present Student of Computer Science in Media at UAS Düsseldorf
08/2007 – 04/2008 Alternate Civil Service at GWK Köln, a charitable workshop employing handicapped people
09/2003 – 06/2007 Full-time school apprenticeship as an state certified ITA at GSO Cologne

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